Lab resources and other vectors:

Garry Nolan's lab page : Very useful information and protocols to learn about retroviruses and how to safely handle them.

Tom Wandless' lab page: FKBP Degron plasmids.

AfCS Gateway vectors: The Alliance for Cellular Signaling also developed some Gateway lentiviral Destination vectors for expression and depletion studies. Some of these vectors are compatible with our system. For more details on compatibilities of our vectors to other Gateway Entry or Destination vectors, click here.

Lentiviral Gene Ontology (LeGO) vectors: This is another set of lentiviral vectors encoding an impressive array of fluorescent as well as drug selection markers developed by Kristoffer Weber. Two articles were published about these vectors: Weber et al. (2008) Molec.Ther. 16(4): 698–706 and Weber et al. (2010) Gene Ther. Apr;17(4):511-20.

Mammalian Affinity Purification and Lentiviral Expression (MAPLE) vectors: Developed by the Emili, Greenblatt, Moffat laboratories (University of Toronto), these Lentiviral Gateway Destination vectors use various affinity tags to purify protein complexes from mammalian cells. The article describing these vectors: A lentiviral functional proteomics approach identifies chromatin remodeling complexes important for the induction of pluripotency. Mak et al. (2010) Mol Cell Proteomics. 2010 May;9(5):811-23. As of August 2010, three Destination vectors were deposited at Addgene (link here) and they should be compatible with our Entry vectors, although it is unknown if the affinity tags are in frame with our vectors.

pLentiLox 3.7 (pLL3.7) vector developed Rubinson et al. 2003: A lentivirus-based system to functionally silence genes in primary mammalian cells, stem cells and transgenic mice by RNA interference. Nat Genet. Mar;33(3):401-6. The pLL3.7 and the pLKO.3G are derivatives of the pLKO.1 vector and are all available at Addgene. More details on these vectors can be found on the JDRF Center for Immune Tolerance in Diabetes at Harvard (CITDH). is a website developed by Maciej Wiznerowicz that contains a wealth of information about the pLV series of lentiviral vectors developed in the Trono lab. It also contains background information, vector maps and sequences, protocols and a forum for discussion.

Trono lab website which developed the pLVTHM vectors and the TetR-KRAB fusion protein for tighter repression of transcription in T-REx cell lines. Most of the vectors are available through Addgene.


Judith Campisi's lab.

Priscilla Cooper's lab.

Paul Kaufman's lab.

Francis Rodier's lab.

Paul Yaswen's lab.


Company's web sites:

Invitrogen's Gateway cloning web page

Clontech's ProteoTuner web page (FKBP Degron)

Stratagene's Interplay Mammalian TAP system web page (NTAP purification)