This web site is designed as a resource to use viral vectors designed to express and deplete proteins in mammalian cells. An article describing vectors I made with some examples of their usefullness was published in PLoS ONE in 2009:

Campeau E, Ruhl VE, Rodier F, Smith CL, Rahmberg BL, Fuss JO, Campisi J, Yaswen P, Cooper PK, Kaufman PD. A Versatile Viral System for Expression and Depletion of Proteins in Mammalian Cells. Click here for the pdf.

Here, you will find updated information about these vectors as well as new vectors that were released after the publication of the article. Most of these vectors are available through Addgene ( I also included the current detailed procotols I used to clone small-hairpin RNAs (shRNAs), microRNAs (miRNAs), and the complete sequence and map of each vector. There is also a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to answer common questions about these vectors.

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Eric Campeau, July 2016.