Past presentations

July 16 2010, 17:00: "Use of our lentiviral system to study DNA damage repair, chromatin organization and cancer". Nagoya University, Tsurumai Campus, Annex to Medical Research, Third floor seminar room. [pdf]

May 18 2010, 16:15: "A Versatile Viral System for Expression and Depletion of Proteins in Mammalian Cells". Sixth Annual Protein Engineering Summit, Difficult to Express Proteins, Boston, Massachusetts.

April 15 2010, 11:00: "Use of Our Lentiviral System to Study Chromatin Organization, Senescence and Cancer". Hôpital Notre-Dame, auditorium, pavillon J.-A.-de-Sève, room YR-1629, ground floor, Montréal, Québec.