Vector with the HaloTag technology

pENTR4-HaloTag (w876-1)

High resolution pdf: pENTR4-HaloTag (w876-1).pdf

Sequence file: pENTR4-HaloTag (w876-1).seq

Sequence verification files: w876-1ENTRforw.ab1, w876-1ENTRrev.ab1

Addgene #: 29644

Recommended E.coli strain for propagation: TOP10F'.

Selection: Kanamycin.

Compatible Destination vectors: pLenti CMV, CMV/TO, CMVtight, CMVTRE3G, PGK series, pQCXI CMV/TO series, pQCXP CMV/TO.

NOTE: The sequence of the plasmid has been verified, but it has not been functionally characterized.


Link to Promega's HaloTag's technology.